We are Prof

A highly brand-driven food and grocery FMCG consultancy; Our head office based in Melbourne, and a world-wide network of offices in Europe and the USA. Our multidisciplinary team are focused, collaborative, and agile at making transformative change to your businesses


We’ll take your brand to the next level

We are a market leader with an unparalleled, proven track record for delivering commercially successful brands, time and time again. The key ingredient to our global success in the food industry is consumer knowledge. We understand people and how they consume – we’ve delighted millions of them over the years with innovative products.

Prof. brings bold and innovative, strategic thinking to each project. We’ll challenge every aspect of your business from supply chain analysis to manufacturing builds and processes, branding, and retail. If you are looking to expand to new markets or source products from overseas, we have the expertise, international networks, and market insights to make it happen. No matter what your business needs, we’ll respond with the fire of a start-up, fuelled by decades of global experience.


Your business is our business

Every business is unique, but our approach to each client is always consistent. We’ll treat your business with the same dedication and attention that we treat our own. You are, and always will be, our number one client.

We listen

We soak in your short and long-term goals, your company vision, the market landscape, and your consumer audience. These fundamental elements will guide us in the right direction.

We learn

Our ‘pain point discovery’ phase is critical for uncovering any underlying issues. Once we understand the crucial business challenges, we can work together to determine the best solution.

We strategise

We’ll work closely with you and your team to clearly define your business case, objectives for accelerated growth, and how to achieve them.

We implement critical change

We’re here to maximise your opportunities for growth, which can include accessing new markets, identifying supply chain
and manufacturing efficiencies, or defining a more robust brand positioning to reach your target consumer. We will set you up with the ultimate solution.

We coach, support and strengthen

We have no doubt your team members are working incredibly hard, but are they working to outdated strategies? Could they be working smarter? Prof. can identify innovative ways to upskill and guide your team, reinvent the playbook, equipping them for
sustainable future growth – solutions plus training.

Food Safety Solutions

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Food Safety Solutions
Head of ESG and European Business Development
Sarah Blanchard

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Sustainable Food Solutions
Food Product Development Consultant

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Auditing & Risk Management
Food Regulatory Consultant

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Sustainable Packaging Specialist

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Human Rights and Responsible Business Associate

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Animal Welfare for Meat and Textile Production Specialist
Food Processing Consultant

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International Food Consultant
International Food Consultant

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Product Innovation, Circular Economy and Packaging specialist

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E-commerce professional

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FMCG Account Executive

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Marketing & Business Strategist

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Business Growth and Digital Strategy Specialist

Meet Joss

Strategic Innovation Associate and Food Risk Specialist

Meet Cristina

International Food Service and QSR Culinary Expert

Meet Adam

Culinary Innovator

Meet Craig

Retail and Digital Specialist

Meet Julian

Commercial Growth Specialist

Meet Stuart

Transformation & Improvement Expert
Andy Adcock

Meet Andy

Product Development & Innovation Specialist

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Product Innovation and Ingredients Specialist

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