Supply Chain Solutions

Is your supply chain market-ready?

Are you operating as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, investing in technology that will give you high returns, and running autonomous systems for the best possible production results? Reviewing your supply chain can lead to a markedly, healthier business. We can help transform your operations to ensure a consistent product quality that meets the demands of your target market and delivers sustainable, long-term growth. In today’s market, we’ve seen ten years of online growth in just six months; your business needs to be robust, adaptable and ready to grow at speed.

We’ll help you think differently about:

Implementing emerging technologies

Our strong network of researchers and engineers enables Prof. to identify and support new food processing technologies to market. We can empower your team with the knowledge they need to adopt the latest innovations that will deliver commercial value for your business.

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Manufacturing & equipment assessment.

If you are looking to invest in new equipment or technology, we can support you through established connections with leading global suppliers. Our solutions-focused approach will ensure agile testing and speed to market. Our key areas of manufacturing expertise include breading, primary processing, cooking and packaging.

  • Advising on food factory design, process flows, and investment in automation and new tech to ensure lean manufacturing.
  • Assessing manufacturing processes to meet retail requirements and standards, including hygiene and allergen management.
  • New technology trial and validation. Starting with a viable business case, we’ll assess the risk and manage the entire project through to implementation, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing production.
  • Sourcing equipment from leading suppliers through our global network.
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Value chain analysis.

We are experts in identifying inefficiencies within your business that can profoundly impact your costs. Waste reduction and bi-product repurposing are examples of critical areas that, once improved, can lead to significant cost savings. It’s our job to challenge your processes to ensure they are sustainable, cost-effective and world-class.

  • Waste reduction and bi-product repurposing.
  • Strategic ingredient procurement – assessing key ingredients for opportunities to buy better and cut out the middleman.
  • Raw material standardisation – achieving cost-benefits through smarter purchasing, relationship development, and process management.
  • Cost recovery and margin enhancement.
  • Labour reduction through automation.
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Assess specifications, ensuring they complement your business, not restrict it.
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Process management.

We can undertake a general assessment of your ‘way of working’ to ensure that your technical robustness, legal compliance,
and processes are in balance.

  • Technical audits – before you go to market, pre-retailer or QSR (quick-service restaurant), we will conduct a technical review to overcome and advise on any foreseeable challenges.
  • Implementing a ‘just in time’ process to ensure you can balance stock with demand.
  • Crisis management and contingency planning – we offer a third-party service to analyse and advise on crisis-management, including assistance navigating the challenges and responsibilities during court cases and as an expert witness.
  • Food safety and security programme advisory and strategy.
  • Chain of custody audits – for example, engaging specialist third parties for organic verification.
  • Ethical standards – we’ll work with you to ensure your supply chain and processes meet the highest standards for sustainability and animal welfare.
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We can take your food business online from developing your eCommerce brief and online retailer strategies through to launch. We offer specialist guidance and customer solutions to ensure your business reaches its online potential.

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