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The world is changing at breakneck speed, and guess who’s driving it? Consumers. Understanding their ever-evolving demands is where the opportunities lie, and that’s where Prof. excels. We apply decades of retail and manufacturing experience to help businesses, like yours, thrive in today’s changing markets. We are agile, we are experts, and we are here to accelerate your growth.

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Together, we’re unstoppable

For over three decades, we have studied consumer and market trends, working with the world’s leading retailers and manufacturers. We’ve built bespoke manufacturing plants from the ground up, won loads of awards for product innovation and excellence, set industry benchmarks in sustainability, animal welfare and ethical standards, and delivered many of the world’s favourite brands to your home. We’re passionate about joining forces with your team to share our knowledge and help your business grow faster.

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Sustainability Consulting


private equity and venture capital

Private Equity Consulting

product innovation


supply chain solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Food Research and development

Agriculture & Food Research

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We’re an extension of your team

We slot into your team at a senior level and get to the bottom of the underlying issues or pain points, working with you to develop innovative solutions that pave the way for progress. Our consultancy operates as an integral extension of your business, alleviating pressure on your executive team and providing a short-term, senior level resource, one hundred percent focused on getting to where you want to be, faster.

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Evolve your brand to meet consumer needs

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Collaborate as a trusted partner who cares about the success of your business
and achieving your vision, not changing it.

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Boost business

Boost business capabilities to support and empower your leadership team.

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Compliment your existing expertise with guidance and additional skillsets.

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Provide a cost-effective, senior level resource without the need for permanent hire.

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Enhance agility

Enhance agility to accelerate in a changing market and maximise growth.

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Globally, the food and grocery sector is evolving at a rapid pace. Understanding these mega-trends, local market demands, and new market access opportunities across retail, B2B or D2C are what set us apart.

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