Consumers are our business


We want to change the world for consumers as much as they’re driving change in ours. They’re the reason we get up in the morning, and we want to be the reason they jump out of bed too – for the game-changing products we bring to their life

Understanding people and the way they consume is our special sauce. We are continually problem-solving to meet their demands. We flex, we adapt, we transform, and we inspire with the work we do every day for every client, which is why we’re at the forefront of delivering innovative, best-in-class products to market.

Our expertise covers FMCG in all of its forms, including fresh produce and frozen foods, grocery, non-food, and pet. Whether you are looking to acquire a business or capitalise on the full potential of your own, we’re here to accelerate your growth.


The biggest market disruptor is the consumer

- Mark Field, Founder of Prof.
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private equity and venture capital

Private Equity Consulting


Private Equity, Exit Strategies or Operational Due Diligence

Advising entrepreneurs, senior management teams, private equity investors or multinationals on growth opportunities within the Food and Grocery supply chain is a critical part of the service offered by our team of food consultants. As consumer consumption habits continue to rapidly change, understanding category outlooks, changes in processing capability, innovation opportunities, operational efficiency savings and strength of major retailer relationships are all important considerations within operational due diligence to underpin today’s investment strategy. Working across a…
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Private Label Consulting

Are you maximising the competitive advantage from Private label? Globally the increase in market share of Private label or Own brand is becoming a core focus for retailers, discounters, e- commerce and food service. Whether you are a retailer looking to increase your private label penetration, ultimately delivering amazing products that drive customer shopping habits and loyalty, or an FMCG manufacturer looking to access the efficiencies delivered through Private label manufacturing, there are significant opportunities to accelerate your growth strategy.

In today’s highly price-sensitive…

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Sustainability Consulting


Are you kicking your ESG goals?

Across every industry, environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives are now a top priority for business leaders. Why? Brands with sustainability built into their core grow faster and perform better financially. Not only do these value-driven and socially responsible businesses keep shareholders and customers on side, but they’re guided by a clear purpose which helps to attract and retain the best employees. Yet, right now, the food industry lags behind others when it comes to ESG credentials. Only…
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product innovation


The biggest market disruptor is the consumer.

Understanding consumer needs is a direct path to brilliant product innovation. We love delving into the consumer mindset, searching for opportunities in today’s fast-paced lifestyle and time-poor behaviours, asking ‘where is the customer permitting us to change what’s on offer? Where can we innovate to meet their demands and help our clients create products of the future?’. Consumers are the reason Prof. exists. They are our business. Prof. understands the Australian market far better than most. Our founder…
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supply chain solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Is your supply chain market-ready?

Are you operating as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, investing in technology that will give you high returns, and running autonomous systems for the best possible production results? Reviewing your supply chain can lead to a markedly, healthier business. We can help transform your operations to ensure a consistent product quality that meets the demands of your target market and delivers sustainable, long-term growth. In today’s market, we’ve seen ten years of online growth in just six months; your business…
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Food Research and development

Agriculture & Food Research

The food industry is evolving at an unparalleled rate.

The consumer is driving this continual change with their ever evolving lifestyles and ongoing desire for the latest, game-changing products. With heightened demand comes more available grant funding and venture capital as governments and investors strive to meet best-in-class standards in food science, safety and sustainability. Think plant-based burgers and kombucha dominating supermarket fridges, on-the-go snacks replacing meals, and sustainability influencing purchase decisions. There has never been a more exciting time for innovation in…
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global imports and exports

Global Imports
& Exports

Want to go global?

Prof. has a proven track record for importing and exporting products to and from Australia, New Zealand, South America, Europe and the UK – our trusted networks span the globe. With our far-reaching connections and comprehensive knowledge of international trends and trade regulatory systems, partnering with Prof. opens up the world. We can help you expand to new markets or source products for import, on a global scale.
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business coaching

Business Coaching and Consulting Services

Expertise is more valuable when shared.

Over our three decades working and advising in the food industry, we have accumulated an incredible amount of knowledge around consumer behaviour, global markets, handling food scares, manufacturing and retail. Coaching and public speaking are our ways of passing on our expertise to benefit other businesses and give back to the community. We’ll empower your team with the pivotal knowledge they need to drive positive commercial change. Every business is unique and comes with its own set of challenges…
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Globally, the food and grocery sector is evolving at a rapid pace. Understanding these mega-trends, local market demands, and new market access opportunities across retail, B2B or D2C are what set us apart.

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