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Want to go global?

Prof. has a proven track record for importing and exporting products to and from Australia, New Zealand, South America, Europe and the UK – our trusted networks span the globe. With our far-reaching connections and comprehensive knowledge of international trends and trade regulatory systems, partnering with Prof. opens up the world. We can help you expand to new markets or source products for import, on a global scale.

We’ll help you think differently about:

Establishing key relationships with international retailers and facilitating introductions to proven distribution networks.

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Guidance through import & export regulatory requirements, labelling, and customer support to access new markets.

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Imparting critical insights into our domestic market and trade commissions to assist with importation to Australia.

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Assisting with global sourcing of innovative products and ingredients.

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Developing brand health and sustainability strategies to support growth.

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Working across international trade commissions to support business development.

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Global Imports & Exports - FAQs

Global Import and Export - FAQs

The movement of products between countries to service the needs of a particular market.

Exporting of product contributes to the growth of the economy via new revenue, importing of product meets a need of a market but contributes to a export deficit. To be a growing economy the aim is that the value of exports exceeds the value of imports.

Access to new products, new markets and the growing ability to deliver authentic foods to consumers such as mexican spices, asian spices, seafood or new varieties of fresh produce. It also provides access to turnkey innovation without the need for significant capital investment to test a product concept or range in a new market.

Both have the ability to generate value and growth.

Wider term for exporting into multiple markets or countries.

Same both terminologies are equal.

Finding products internationally that are new to a market or represent better value sourced outside the importing country, Global sourcing gives access to a wider supply base, increased competitiveness and new capability that can improve the profitability of a commodity line or provide access to new innovation established in other markets.

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Globally, the food and grocery sector is evolving at a rapid pace. Understanding these mega-trends, local market demands, and new market access opportunities across retail, B2B or D2C are what set us apart.

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