Agriculture & Food Research

The food industry is evolving at an unparalleled rate.

The consumer is driving this continual change with their ever evolving lifestyles and ongoing desire for the latest, game-changing products. With heightened demand comes more available grant funding and venture capital as governments and investors strive to meet best-in-class standards in food science, safety and sustainability. Think plant-based burgers and kombucha dominating supermarket fridges, on-the-go snacks replacing meals, and sustainability influencing purchase decisions. There has never been a more exciting time for innovation in the food industry, and Prof. is here to help you navigate this dynamic new world of change.

Entrepreneurial thinking backed by decades of food and retail experience combined with consumer insight and global networks is how Prof. adds value to supply chains. We’ll uncover fresh ways for research and emerging technologies to answer real-world demands, such as innovations in recyclable packaging and food waste reduction or enhancing the latest health food products. We are passionate about connecting the right agri-businesses with researchers and technical manufacturers to create world-class products that accelerate commercial growth.

Food Research and development

We’ll help you think differently about:

Creating market advantages for your business through existing relationships, connectingag-research with manufacturing capabilities, and value-added science that meets consumer demands.

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Technical advice and interpretation of scientific solutions and research & development to improve business outcomes.

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Identifying key business challenges and an appropriate strategy for grant-funded research to uncover solutions.

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Project management of grant applications, funded agriculture & food research, and engaging experts for reviews.

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Consulting with global leaders to deliver solutions across key growth areas such as pre & probiotics, sugar reduction, and ‘free from’ ingredients.

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Sustainable packaging solutions.

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Agriculture & Food Research

Agriculture & Food Research - FAQs

Linking science or academia to a challenge in farming (livestock, aquaculture or horticulture) and delivering a science based solution.

Clarity on the issue or challenge trying to be solved or resolved, ability to commercialise the technology and customer acceptance with the process.

Its highly focused on the sector which is a major employer within Australia and has a support structure to help drive its success across Universities, research facilities and access to state and federal funding.

To support the ability to feed the growing population with nutritionally balanced wholesome safe food.

Deliver solutions that enable them to be more efficient, increased yields or resistance to pests and ultimately more profitable/sustainable.

To maintain our competitiveness on a global stage and ability to deliver sufficient nutritional food for our growing population.

The use of scientist to push the barriers of science from within the food sector or from non competing industries to deliver a product or process that is new.

A food consultant would generally hold a formal qualification in food technology and understand the functionality of food, sensory properties or food safety controls with the ability to advise a business on its innovation program or process improvement. Food is very specialist and a food consultant would be comfortable around multiple food groups or processing.

A sensory specialist more focused on creating amazing tasting food – executive chef or product developer. Would have the ability to benchmark products, articulate the differences and senses involved and would frequently work alongside a food consultant to scale up production techniques as products are commercialised.

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Globally, the food and grocery sector is evolving at a rapid pace. Understanding these mega-trends, local market demands, and new market access opportunities across retail, B2B or D2C are what set us apart.

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