Business Coaching and Consulting Services

Expertise is more valuable when shared.

Over our three decades working and advising in the food industry, we have accumulated an incredible amount of knowledge around consumer behaviour, global markets, handling food scares, manufacturing and retail. Coaching and public speaking are our ways of passing on our expertise to benefit other businesses and give back to the community. We’ll empower your team with the pivotal knowledge they need to drive positive commercial change.

Every business is unique and comes with its own set of challenges and requirements. Whether you are a grassroots operation or a global retailer, we will work with you to create a mentoring option that fits perfectly with the size and shape of your business. Our most popular areas of coaching include retail and brand growth hacking strategies, retailer engagement, food auditing, agile innovation, new market growth, and developing practical brand guidelines. We can also provide value chain analysis, essential business tools, eCommerce planning & acceleration, and advice on crisis management. Our ultimate goal is to leave your team stronger than when we arrived.

business coaching

We’ll help you think differently about:

Hands-on support to increase the capability of your team.

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Coaching executive and senior leadership teams

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Keynote speaking focusing on global insights and championing the voice of the consumer to identify growth opportunities.

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Advisory board roles.

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Independent expert witness & due diligent defence.

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Business Coaching & Public Speaking

Business Coaching
& Public Speaking FAQs

Using past experience and skills to help a business improve their capability or understand of new areas ultimately increasing profitability. Delivered via coaching / mentoring rather than through a function.

Investing and building teams quickly, adding new skills to your team for the longer term ensuring you are better equipped to face the challenges you incur as your business grows. It also provides the ability to build internal confidence and aid team member retention.

Experience and empathy, with the ability to connect with the team being coached. Its not about having done your role or delivering it this way but guiding you to make the right decisions through provision of tips and tools.

Confidence, understanding and experience, a proven background in excellence and delivery.

Networks, reputation and recommendations.

Trained and approved by a recognised course, the risk is a generalised BC rather than a industry specialist sharing his / her experiences.

Sharing knowledge and insights through public forums or conferences delivering thought leadership and contributing to the wider environment through dissemination of information.

Helps educate others, provides a different perspective based on experience and opens your thinking to debate from other industry experts / NGOs.

Credibility, confidence and thought rational whilst being able to engage the audience professionally.

Pre preparation to maximise impact, clarity of messaging and tone of voice.

Treat others as you wish to be treated, be factual or realistic and respective of the audience whilst maintaining and confidences on information shared or experiences.