International Food Consultant
International Food Consultant

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International Food Consultant
Annie has a passion for igniting and cultivating new product ideas and having worked with many globally leading chefs over the past 20 years, will bring invaluable in-market knowledge and insights strengthening our core capabilities. Having worked on the ground across an international supply base, her experience in the FMCG sector delivering innovation, efficiency and product opportunities, all driven by consumer needs has given her a vast knowledge of how to get it absolutely right. As a leading food processing consultant Annie has worked across multiple food groups as a food development and food innovation consultant. Annie is highly experienced working across new and emerging markets not just in the UK but also within the US. She is passionate about feeding our souls with ‘The Food of Medicine’ and sustainably sourcing the highest quality products that meet today’s concerns on the environmental footprint we will leave behind for future generations.

Annie worked at a leadership level for 10 years with the world-renowned food hall at Harrods, London focusing on luxury retail and understands what ‘exceptional’ really means. If you are looking for someone who can elevate your brand through quality, product or packaging, Annie knows how to achieve it. Her ability to push boundaries on quality shifted the perception to align with Harrod’s vision of becoming a global food emporium.

Annie successfully launched the ‘Tesco’s Own Label’ sandwich and salad business and designed new and innovating packaging and products for a leading ‘National Airline’, growing the business within the travel sector by 50% over a two-year period. Spending her life growing up on a farm in Ireland, means her heritage is deeply intrenched in natural food and she is a huge advocate of eating well to live longer and her passion to produce food that has meaning and significance not just for her family, but everybody’s families is what drives her.

  • Expert insight led thinking, understanding barriers and frustrations facilitating solutions, ultimately leading to ‘first-class’ NPD
  • Ideation – taking an original concept to implementation
  • Expertise in Own Label Management and Development
  • Building clear Product Management frameworks
  • International Market Leader – A creative thinker, developing exceptional products that create a meaningful impact in the world of food innovation
  • Proven in driving growth through a 3-year innovation horizon

“I believe that that it is not enough to just have a short-term plan. Businesses need a long-term strategy and growth plan to survive the social evolution of continually shifting markets both at home and abroad.”

– Annie Dunne


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