Animal Welfare for Meat and Textile Production Specialist
Food Processing Consultant

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Food Processing Consultant
Animal welfare, productivity and animal husbandry has always been part of Mandy’s life, from growing up on a farm to helping to UK retailers better understand their supply chains as consumers wanted consistency in global sourcing standards.

Mandy established and managed the world’s premier inspection company leading Animal welfare auditing and has an unsurpassed knowledge across the food and textile supply chains.

Unequalled in her field of work whether it be developing welfare policies, driving standards to improve animal welfare, or simply explaining to an unsuspecting farmer in Brazil the importance of animal welfare. She has conducted welfare assessments in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Thailand, Poland, Louisiana, and Ireland and has felt very privileged in having visited farms on every continent.

Mandy has a unique gift in interpreting and explaining what is sometimes, a complicated welfare policy, or audit standard into a workable and beneficial way forward for all parties. She has yet to meet a farmer who isn’t passionate about what they do and the ability to talk to Mandy about their ideas has paid dividends.

She takes great pride in seeing her writings published on animal welfare and is often called in to be the broker between brands and supply chains covering food business globally.

With the ESG Agenda critical for many brands from food to clothing, Mandy’s global experience adds important strengths and capabilities to the Prof team.

  • Lead auditor in animal welfare
  • Expert at pragmatic solutions between brands and supply chains
  • Food Animal Welfare Standards (FAWS) and Assurance Monitoring in meat and dairy
  • Expert in sourcing, policy-making and risks with textile animals
  • Policy writing and Governance in Exotic Leather

“Life is about long-term sustainability, and we need consumers, brands and supply chains working together to understand the real issues, understand the challenges and find solutions, which are sustainable.”

– Mandy Lucas


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