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Tim thinks the way all our Prof. Associates do; ‘disruption is the new normal’, and that is why we have invited him to join us. Tim has through his international experience lead projects targeting growth through import and export across multiple food groups. He firmly believes that consumers and shoppers will continue to change how the industry operates. He asks probing questions on how do supermarkets and manufacturers compete with an ever-changing landscape such as new supply chains offering direct to consumer delivering as well as the ever-growing new entrants with online expertise, such as Amazon?

Over the past 25 plus years, Tim has worked with clients with small start-ups through to established multi-national operations. He has written a well-received book on Category Management, which highlights that a category management mindset is key to being competitive in this challenging world. First and foremost, is that it is evolutionary and not revolutionary as his book will explain. One of the first ideas that supported a category management mindset was that the ‘shopper is king’, which outlines the increasing powers of shoppers and consumers. This then followed that those manufacturers and supermarkets must work collaboratively in long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Tim’s grandparents were both retailers and having sold everything from fresh herbs to toilet rolls, it’s fair to say that sales and marketing is probably in his blood. Having worked across all major Australian retailers in private label and branded ranges, he is passionate about understanding consumer demands because these insights drive recommendations for supermarkets, manufacturers, and suppliers to best serve shoppers.

His expertise as a National Business Manager has seen him negotiating trading terms, managing trade spends, oversee marketing campaigns as well as NPD and brand management. Having spent many years working in the UK where he developed an industry solution for Sainsbury’s and their growers by adopting a category management model, which doubled their market share within a 12-month period to £12M GBP.

  • Expert in marketing and sales
  • Brand management
  • Category management
  • Digital marketing / e-commerce
  • FMCG private label contract

“Brands need to reflect consumers’ wants and needs, and those who don’t will be quickly dominated by those who get it right. It is no longer a case of the big eating the small, it is now a matter of the fast eating the slow.”

– Tim Bowen


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