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For over four decades, Simon has dedicated his career to the food industry, navigating the intricate journey from field to fork.

For over four decades, Simon has dedicated his career to the food industry, navigating the intricate journey from field to fork. His expertise spans every facet of this dynamic field, allowing him to deliver private label or branded products that bring joy to consumers and drive business success.

He embarked on his professional journey by studying bakery and food science, driven by a passion to understand the science, diverse products, and complex business operations. His ultimate goal has always been to create outcomes that not only bring smiles to faces but also ensure business triumphs.

Throughout his extensive career, Simon has honed his skills across a multitude of roles, establishing himself as an expert in the food industry. His journey has been enriched by a diverse network of supporting experts, and he has formally trained as a Baker, Confectioner, and Technical Baker.


He has had the privilege of working with artisan, industrial, and retail businesses, managing accounts for the top five UK retailers, and developing strategic marketing initiatives. His experience includes serving as a senior-level buying manager for Tesco, the UK’s most successful grocery retailer.

Simon’s work in the Middle East and Europe has provided him with valuable insights into international markets and the strategies required for success. He has led projects commissioned by Invest N.I, The Australian Trade Commission, and numerous large corporations. These initiatives have focused on accessing markets, fostering strong relationships, and establishing deep business roots.

In addition to his industry roles, he founded and operated a dedicated Cookery and Bakery School. This venture aimed to educate customers about food, collaborate with major UK grocers and their suppliers to design and develop product ranges, and teach specialist skills. The business earned the New Business of the Year Award, presented by the Chamber of Commerce. Following the sale of this business, Simon led R&D efforts for a U.S.-based company, with McDonald’s, Subway, and Pizza Hut as his main clients.

As a consultant in food-related manufacturing, development, purchasing, and sales, Simon has acquired the skills necessary to oversee businesses, develop teams, and swiftly assess and address their needs. His guidance ensures sustainable, efficient, and stable operations, ultimately improving the business environment for his clients.

A fun fact about Simon: His claim to fame is entering a competition to guess the weight of one of the QE2’s anchors. Believe it or not, he was just 24 ounces off! The anchor tipped the scales at a jaw-dropping 440,924 ounces (or 12.5 tons for those playing along at home).

  • International market strategist
  • Project Leader
  • Food science
  • Business & product development
  • Government Investment support for businesses
  • Australian export to UK trade advisor

We must prioritise the use of sustainable materials without compromising the integrity and longevity of the products they protect. By taking responsibility for our environmental impact, we can innovate and create solutions that maintain the balance between sustainability and functionality.


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