Product Innovation and Ingredients Specialist

Meet Elsabe

Elsabe is a former senior NPD and Sourcing Strategist, having worked with some of Australia’s leading and most iconic brands including Sanitarium, Lion Dairy & Drinks, Simplot, and Fonterra. She has operated globally, sourcing complex product solutions across chilled and ambient food groups delivering innovative food solutions into retail, food service and hospitality. As a leading food development consultant Elsabe has worked across multiple food groups as a Product innovation consultant and project consulting in food production. Managing diverse stakeholder groups, cultures and locations, Elsabe delivers projects on time, every time, across different continents and cultures.

Elsabe joins Prof. Consulting as a passionate foodie, and proven food scientist and is an expert in assessing co-manufacturing capabilities, leading product innovation and sourcing teams. In her own words, “Prof. Consulting has a great reputation in the food industry and a company with whom I would be proud to associate”. “I would love the opportunity to contribute my skills and expertise to the Prof. Consulting projects and clients”.

This enables her to drive brand growth strategies, understand the critical values placed on the sensory experience, brand standards and product functionality.

Her career has seen many highlights including range development across retort technology, aseptic packaging, chilled foods, plant-based and the growing demand for dairy analogues. A particular highpoint of which Elsabe is rightly proud is her contribution to the rising demand for plant-based foods as consumers continue to support the flexitarian lifestyle, the delivery of a retail range, from concept to shelf in 9-months and winning the PETA award for best Vegan meat in 2019.

Growing up in South Africa, Elsabe has first-hand experience as a consumer with regards reducing waste and utilising everything driven by need rather than the marketing leading over packaged products seen in many markets. Driven by excelling in new supplier engagement, delivering measurable outcomes through great tasting products relies on strong and concise communication critical when operating at pace and across an international supply base. The excitement and challenge being a key reward or purpose for Elsabe. In fact, she is well known to check in on ‘her products’ regularly!


Often operating in territories with new suppliers where there are no rules or past experiences, understanding both the situation and priority for change, are skills frequently demonstrated.  Teamwork, Strength in Unity, and a Mutual Trust, enables Elsabe to collaborate effectively to consistently deliver a ray of wonderful food or food ingredients. She is clear in her view that all product development strategies should lead with taste, front and centre to truly inspire today’s consumer.

The growing demand for access to international manufacturing or finished product supply has ensured that Elsabe is well versed in key import/export requirements and its impact on product formulation.

She is an advocate for having a positive impact on people’s lives and passionately believes that all consumers should have ‘the right to eat well’, whilst delivering improved commercial outcomes through the better treatment of workers. Within the growing focus on ESG, combing the ESG agenda with the commercial growth agenda increases customer reach and ultimately drives profitability.

Elsabe is pragmatic, driven, and able to build confidence quickly. An experienced practitioner in Product Innovation and Sourcing, a leader of high performing teams, she thrives in multi-cultural manufacturing environments and is proud to have launched products well established in today’s markets.


  • Product Innovation and Sourcing Strategist.
  • Expert in complex Supply Chain Management.
  • Multi-stakeholder liaison specialist.
  • Global project leader.
  • Expert across multiple food groups and processing capabilities.
  • Proven Plant-based food specialist.
  • Sensory and Functionality specialist.
  • Project Management.

“Her vision is one where we take care of our planet, actively maintaining the greater good of social impact within the business and community. A passionate recycler, Elsabe understands the major impact packaging has on the environment and focuses on this during all development projects.” 

– Elsabe Van Niekerk


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