Auditing & Risk Management
Food Regulatory Consultant

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Food Regulatory Consultant
Collin is a highly proficient food professional, working across quality and risk management both in the private sectors and State Regulatory Authorities. As a leading food technologist Collin has worked across multiple food groups as a food Safety consultant and project consulting in food production.

Globally, he has been exposed to multiple ethical standards specialising in SEDEX and SMETA and from an exposure of operations from shop floor to boardroom giving him an unrivalled level of experience and we are jolly glad that Collin has thrown his hat in with the Prof. Consulting Group!

His ability to understand the greater context of events that affect businesses best exemplifies his skills in quality and risk management. Collin has an incredible knack in being able to provide strategic and operational direction to move the business forward in all areas of risk because he believes that the most important asset in any business is its people. Get that right and you’re halfway there. He takes pride in his ability to create a legacy of succession within the teams he leads, providing long-term strategies for company stability. As a seasoned food regulatory consultant, his expertise extends to auditing, risk management and mitigation, and compliance with food regulatory bodies.

Whether it be for work or for pleasure, Collin loves to travel, understanding the values and appreciating the privilege of being able to explore the world. Rural communities have motivated Collin with their instances of ingenuity and resilience that he hopes can be an inspiration to Australia. When Collin isn’t traveling, he continues his thrill-seeking adventures by jumping from moving planes at 15000 feet. After plunging from the sky, Collin likes to relax his heartrate by meditating through yoga.

When it comes to business, Collin believes in a level playing field for success, and that a one-man startup should have access to the same high-level consultancy as a multi-national blue-chip firm. As a food regulatory consultant, Collin can drive change in customer relationship management with both large and boutique companies by implementing an “in their shoes” mindset.

Collins reason for joining Prof. was to be immersed in the ad hoc environment, where associates from around the world are given the opportunity to thrive under leadership that values a variety of skills. If you need a solutions partner that is honest, open, and transparent – Collin is your man. He will convert the complexity that you are facing into a simple solution that you and your company will be able to manage.


  • Quality / Risk Management / Auditing / Regulatory Bodies (AQIS, Ausmeat, Halal)
  • Specialist in SEDEX / SMETA and Ethical Programs Standards
  • Opinion and Analysis papers and reports
  • UK Technical Legislative Expert
  • Company reviews to meet GFSi / WSE / Coles / Retailers Standards
  • External Accreditation WQA BRC Standards

“His vision is openness, honesty and transparency and is always available for a chat! He believes in converting the complex to the simple and sometimes, it really is as easy as that! Why not give us a call? Anytime!”

– Collin Slater


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