International Food Service and QSR Culinary Expert

Meet Adam

Adam is a global executive chef, ranked amongst the world’s top corporate chefs. He has over 25 years’ experience across multiple facets of the food industry. As a leading executive chef Adam has worked across multiple food groups as a food development and food production consultant. A core strength lies in his limitless wealth of knowledge in innovation, creating those eureka moments! He captivates his audience, carrying them along on an unforgettable journey inspiring companies to do more and do better. In fact, we could even say that this is his ‘raison d’être’

Hands on experience gained running multiples branches of a restaurant chain, operating across  the  corporate sector as both an executive chef and as an innovator of new product development ensures Adam rapidly understands the clients opportunity.

Imbedded across Retail, Foodservice and QSR, he is the lead menu developer for a major food chain across Canada, Middle East, Europe, and the USA and has become one of the key influencers across food and beverage trends.

As an artist, educator and scientist, Adam is also an active member of the Australian Culinary Federation as well as the Global Research Chefs Association and has judged the NSW Chefs Table, TAA chef of the year, AHA chef of the year and a member of ‘Le Cordon Bleu’ cooking school. An industry mentor for younger chefs, he is passionate about instilling his love of gastronomic creation into the next generation of Australian culinarians.

He writes for culinary trade magazines and has a strong portfolio on television and has presented on Chanel 10 and his very own ‘Talk ‘n Chef’. Adam enjoys a large following on Twitter and Instagram with his Australian and International audience and, we shall soon see the completion of his first cookbook, centred around his favourite recipes.

  • Master of product innovation and development
  • Brand growth accelerator
  • Key ingredients and menu development
  • Excels in bringing the impossible to fruition
  • Storytelling through food photography
Adam Vision

“Chefs are no longer just chefs; we need to understand the importance of adaptation and change in technology, and how we source our foods globally. Reducing food waste and sustainability is now a business imperative. Working with the Prof. team, building conviction in our client’s organisations will bring effective change.”

– Adam Moore


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