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Peter joins Prof. Consulting as a Design and Development Packaging Engineering Associate with a particular emphasis and passion for a Circular Economy; that is restorative or regenerative by intention or design.

Peter joins Prof. Consulting as a Design and Development Packaging Engineering Associate with a particular emphasis and passion for a Circular Economy; that is restorative or regenerative by intention or design.

Having previously been relocated through a corporate career to Australia, we are incredibly lucky to now be able to claim Peter as one of our own at Prof. His experience throughout the retail, hospitality, and E-Commerce sectors globally, has taught him that getting in at the start and developing strategies that allow a ‘modular design’ approach continues to build long-term success.

At Prof. we believe that if we improve resource efficiencies and help our clients develop circular based business models by implementing principles focused on re-using, re-manufacturing, or recycling then economies will become more profitable. The great news here is, Peter thinks so too!

In Europe, the European Commission has both waste and packaging directives, which serve as legal frameworks. In Australia, companies will need to comply with “AUSTRALIA’S 2025 NATIONAL PACKAGING TARGETS” as outlined in the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) frameworks. The 2025 Targets are supported by Australian industry and government to deliver a new and sustainable approach to packaging. They apply to all packaging that is made, used, and sold in Australia. APCO is the organisation charged by government to facilitate the delivery of the 2025 Targets (aiming to be achieved by 31 December 2025). These targets mean Australian businesses will need to successfully transition to a circular economy for their packaging. Collaboration will be critical to the success of this transition to a circular economy. We all have a role to play in making these targets the reality they must become. All too often we see companies that fail to analyse the risks of not acting.


But what does making this shift to a truly circular model mean? Firstly, all packaging materials used in the design, need to be renewable, and many times over. Companies must understand where sustainability starts in their organisation: with CEOs and COOs because your employees will NOT take a vested interest if the leaders of the company are not ready to reframe the operation. This has to be a core value of the company and treated as a corporate social responsibility.

Peter’s strategy is simple: listen to your clients, understand the many constraints, and make better choices, which are easier for today’s consumers.  Afterall, he has engineered and developed packaging solutions for the some of the largest companies in the world who have been working to move from a linear to a circular economy approach. Numerous ASX listed and privately owned Australian companies have benefited from his expertise as he has developed ‘big picture thinking’ from his years of experience.

Peter understands how having a sustainability strategy can significantly reduce costs and increase profits long-term but more importantly, it cannot be treated as a bolt-on because this is not enough to create lasting competitive advantage. He has spent his entire career in packaging, driving innovation, optimising efficiencies, designing in sustainability, and in some instances, introducing significant cost reductions.

Finding someone who really understands just how much a significant portion of a food processor’s expense packaging is AND, at the same time reduces costs, defines your brand, increases product attractiveness, and plays a critical role in enabling development – helps food last longer/transports water to water-scare areas/dispenses medicine and so much more………. Wouldn’t you want someone like this in your corner? We would. Can you think of a better way to market your brand? Ok, maybe one or two – but you get our point!

Peter has a sound background in manufacturing capabilities, packing processes, together with an excellent understanding of printing requirements for all packaging formats including artwork, customer signoff and press approvals.

  • Expertise in Circular Economy of Packaging
  • Food Safety & Regulatory Requirements, for both Food and Non-Food packaging
  • APCO Requirements
  • Driving growth through Cost Efficiency Packaging
  • Account Management
  • Excellent background in Manufacturing Capabilities
  • 3rd Party Supplier Auditor and Project Management

“Every brand is a one-of-a-kind concept, it reflects your vision, your values, and your tone of voice. It would be my privilege to show you how businesses can be both sustainable and profitable and how these two attributes can co-exist.”

– Peter Turcich


Auditing & Risk Management
Food Regulatory Consultant

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