Marketing & Business Strategist

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Sam is a business and marketing strategist, whose career started with Tesco’s in the UK so she understands just how fast-paced FMCG is. Sam has through her international experience lead projects targeting growth through import and export across multiple food groups.

As a customer orientated consultancy that is agile and continues to focus on helping businesses win quickly, the Prof. Group are delighted to welcome Sam to our team.

As an SME business, if you think doors may not be open to you, you haven’t met Sam! Her capabilities of turning the unsellable into the most desired product by both customer and retailer is incredible. As a business, and marketing strategist, who’s career started with Tesco’s in the UK, she understands just how fast paced the nature of FMCG is and it’s not just about the products, Sam also recognises how fast trends move and change too.

So, how do we forecast the next trend? What do we look for? How do businesses become and stay relevant? What are the disruptive trends hitting the FMCG sector that could have an impact on SMEs and Investors over the next 5 years? Do you think you have a gem ready to make its entrance? Who do you talk to about it?

Focus on emphasising product effectiveness. Brands today need to communicate to their customers just how their product is superior. Consider who your target market is and simply tell them your story, it’s effective and emotive. Prof and Sam alike believe that packaging is a BRANDS NUMBER 1 PIECE OF REAL ESTATE, and that design is critical to engage consumers. Your brand packaging and label is a fabulous way to showcase what drives you and, talking of circular economy and sustainable packaging, do you know the difference? Because there is one!

We know just how busy SMEs are, and how difficult starting the ESG journey can be, when there simply aren’t enough hours in the day as it is, and you can’t remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep, let alone what day of the week it is. But, as a leading Brand and Marketing Strategist, Sam will tell you, that with ESG, you will likely find a competitive edge and, at the same time future proof your business from the outset. This is no longer a niche market for the select few, and it is no longer a choice.


In one report published in 2021, 57% of companies believed that ESG would have a significantly negative impact on their business. Well, Sam thinks that when you face an existential threat, you need to confront it. It could be developing new growth strategies, opening up new streams of revenue or by simply having someone audit your thought process. We all know when things need to be changed, but by how much, and when and who does the changing? This is where the Prof. Group and Sam comes in: we are process changers, it’s what we do.

Sam knows how to build relationships with retailers and E-commerce platforms that have enormous access to consumers. She is a commercially driven thinker and collaborates with businesses to identify the opportunities to drive growth. One of her many key strengths is the ability to work at pace, offering specialist advice to businesses enabling them to deliver their business goals.

Outside of her love of what drives her passions in her work life, Sam loves nothing better than a glass of Chianti, munching Spaghetti al Vino RossoRosso and watching the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. We love this, but then, who wouldn’t!

  • Market and Customer Insights
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Category Strategy
  • Channel Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Branding & Marketing Strategies
  • New Product & Packaging Development & Innovation
  • P&L Pricing Strategies
  • Commercial Negotiation
  • Developing Customer Relationships, Partnerships and Networking
  • Merchandising and New Product Launches

I believe that as people, to be known, we need to be seen, so shouldn’t we be saying the same for our brands too?

– Samantha Watson


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