Joss Honour 4 Key Steps to Setting Up Your Digital Strategy
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4 Key Steps to Setting Up Your Digital Growth Strategy

Prof.’s resident expert in digital growth strategy, Joss Honour, has shared four key steps to setting up your digital strategy for growth and overall success. Joss’ expertise spans over 30 years in the Australian growth and management sectors.  

In more recent years, Joss has worked as a global digital growth advisor, helping New Zealand-based businesses push their growth in strategic ways online as an integral part of their export strategy and customer acquisition program. 

In the early stages of a Food or Drink business, your business growth strategy is all about you – your passion, your ideas, your energy, and your personal marketing. As momentum builds, it reaches a level of maturity where a more formal business strategy is needed and digital is an essential component.  

Where to Start with Digital Growth Strategy

In my experience with international and domestic businesses seeking growth in Australia, there are four key steps to take to get set up with digital growth success. 

1. Move Your Mindset from Product Centricity to Customer Centricity

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Recently, a business I advised shared that once a customer started using their technology, they would often end up as the preferred solution – ultimately helping to consolidate multiple interfaces.  

Online, the opportunity was to shift their information from “tech talk,” to demonstrate quickly to prospects the simplicity, accuracy and efficiency that wins over existing customers.  

2. Deepen Your Understanding of Your Customers’ Expectations

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Digital experiences and online service options are evolving every week. Your online presence will be assessed against your customers’ last best online experience. It’s irrelevant whether that was with a consumer good or a tech solution. 

Spend some time experimenting with different industries to know what you are up against locally in the customer acquisition stakes. 

3. Test Your Customer Segmentation in Your Target Market

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Business owners often work on customer personas and journey mapping in their countries of origin and then expect them to be applicable in their new target market.  

Even between Australia and our closest neighbour, New Zealand, there are many nuances that quickly reveal true market and customer knowledge or lack thereof. Take what you’ve done in the past and test it in-market. 

Prof. offers business coaching and consulting services to aid you in your research and understanding of today’s market.

4. Allocate Sufficient Budget for Digital Growth Strategy

Digital Growth Strategy Budget Planning

What’s a “sufficient” budget? Frustratingly, it depends.  

How quickly do you want or need to grow? What return on your digital spend do you want to achieve? Are you launching in a larger or smaller market?  

For instance, New Zealand businesses launching in Australia find it takes at least double the time and budget for digital to achieve their financial and growth targets than they had originally forecast. 

Investing your time in these four steps will provide strong foundations for decisions regarding funding and budget allocation as you get started with your digital strategy. 

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