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Innovative Products in UK Grocery Retail 2024: Top 10

Understanding innovation in international markets provides a clear insight into how consumer demand is influencing category growth and the journey in category evolution. Researching innovative products in the UK grocery sector helps your understanding of what works in the British retail market.

This market knowledge helps improve your strategy to become and stay a sought-after and chosen product by today’s consumers. After having spent a significant amount of time in UK retail stores over recent weeks, we’ve found incredible products that resonated with us for their innovation and marketing strategies.

UK retail stores have provided us with innovative products that catch our eye and inspire the Go-To-Market strategy for brands and Private Label suppliers.

Top 10 Innovative Products in the UK Grocery Sector

We’ve listed our top 10 innovative products found in UK grocery retail to push your understanding of growth opportunities in British supermarkets. See what UK grocery retail is offering and how the market is responding to these innovative food and drink products.

1: Marks & Spencer x Zoe

Gut Shot Innovation

Gut Shot with kefir and berries. M&S paired with Zoe—a nutrition science company—to create this beneficial drink.

2: Marks & Spencer

Wholefry Spatchcock Fried Chicken

Southern Fried Wholefry Spatchcock Chicken. No longer do you have to decide between a whole chicken or cutlets of southern fried chicken; M&S have combined the two into a whole southern fried dish.

3: Waitrose

Waitrose Pistachio Easter Egg

Pistachio Easter Egg. The flavour and innovative design of Waitrose’s egg draws a hefty interest. A filled egg with a glorious, green-coloured pistachio-flavoured middle.

4: Lidl Valley Spire

High Protein Cheese from Lidl UK

High Protein Mature Cheese. Easily get more protein in your diet without sacrificing the taste of your sandwiches. Less fat, less calories; More protein.

5: Guinness

Guinness Easter Egg

Easter Egg. This beautiful Guinness chocolate egg comes with mini-Guinness-shaped chocolate pints. All the joy; none of the hangover.

Available at: Selfridges, ASDA.

6: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference

 Chinese Inspired Chicken Lollipops Food

Szechuan Spiced Chicken Wing Lollipops. This spicy Chinese-inspired chicken makes for easy cooking and easier eating.

7: Morrisons Cook It

Firecracker Noodles in UK Grocery Store

Firecracker Chicken Noodles with Soy and Garlic. Eye-catching and fresh, you can enjoy hot, spicy noodles in only ten minutes.

8: WheyHey

Innovative Products in UK Grocery WheyHey Protein Milk

Protein Powder Milk. Milk with added protein is an innovation way of upping your protein without the need to create separate protein shakes. This milk is filled to the brim already.

Available at: Iceland.

9: Tesco Finest

UK Grocery Bread and Butter Pudding

Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding. This traditional British dessert is part of Tesco Finest’s range. With delicious flavours baked in, all you’ve got to do is grab it from the shelves first.

10: Harry Ramsden’s

Innovative Products Battered Fish with Peas

Mushy Pea Topped Battered Cod Fillets. No need for peas on the side when they can be baked directly in your battered fish fillet.

Available at: Iceland.

Be Inspired by the UK’s Innovative Products

We’ve provided our list as inspiration for your products, growth strategy, and Go-To-Market strategy planning. Our expert team of import and export consultants, supply chain consultants, and food and beverage consultants are here to help your business grow.

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