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Our Top 10 Best Products Driving Product Innovation in Australian Grocery Retail

Innovative Australian Breakfast

Product innovation is a great tool for getting new products into global markets. Our import and export consultants know a thing or two about what works in Australia’s grocery retail market.

Targeting Growth in Australian Grocery Retail

For many UK companies targeting growth into the Australian grocery sector, understanding the eye-catching innovation driving growth and customer engagement is an important consideration whilst developing the Go-To-Market strategy.

For companies looking to supply innovation into the Australian grocery market, understanding the competitive landscape, pricing levels and key trends resonating with their consumers is, as always, a critical part of the market development strategy.

Top 10 Innovative Products in Australian Grocery Retail

Elsabe van Niekerk, one of our Australian-based in-market specialists, has shared 10 exciting and innovative products inspiring Australian consumers. This list is provided by global import and export specialists to inspire your food and drink marketing and supply chain management.


Whittakers Flavoured Bars

Chocolate Paired with Infused Flavours. These revitilising chocolate bars are flavoured with pairings focused on mood and revival.

Available at: Coles.


Carmans Violet Crumble

Limited Edition Protein Bars in standout Violet Crumble flavour.

Available at: Woolworths, Coles.

3. Not Guilty

Zero Alcohol Wine Spritz

Zero Alcohol Wine Spritz is great for joining the party without the negative side-effects.

Available at: Coles.

4. Leggo’s

Innovative Tomato Sauce

Tomato and Barossa Shiraz sauce. Pairing Australian tomatoes with Barossa Shiraz offers a gourmet style pasta sauce.

Available at: Coles, Woolworths.

5. Musclenation

Protein Water

Protein Water with collagen and whey. This is a great way to get your protein boost without heavy smoothie textures.

Available at: Coles.

6. Bodyscience

Innovative preworkout coffee

Pre-Workout Coffee. Turn your morning boost into a full-body boost with pre-workout coffee. It’s made together with amino acids and superfoods for all the goodness your body craves.

Available at: Coles, Woolworths.

7. Macro Mike

Plant Protein Pudding

Plant Protein Pudding is great for vegans wanting to add more protein to their diet without whey.

Available at: Coles.

8. Tropeaka

Innovative Beauty Custard

Organic Beauty Custard powder with collagen. Eat dessert to keep your skin beautiful and young.

Available at: Coles.

9. Mavella

Great Gut Boosting Gummies

Gut-Boosting Superfood Gummies with combined pre-and-probiotics. Perfect for children or fussy eaters.

Available at: Woolworths, Coles.

10. Gevity

Bone Broth Body Glue

Bone Broth Body Glue. This two-ingredient broth is a great way to boost nutrients in meals without ingredients fussy-eaters avoid. Contains collagen.

Available at: Woolworths.

Let Product Innovation Lead Your Market Strategy

Through our in-market UK-based team, supplying innovation is a core service we can offer to our food and drink clients. Use our curated list of innovative products to inspire your Go-To-Market strategy to push into the Australian retail sector.

To understand more about how the Prof team can support your growth strategy for premium or specialist products, please contact the us via or