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Driving Innovation in USA Grocery Retail Innovation Our Top 10

An exciting week in Chicago immersing some of the team deep into the grocery retail scene understanding latest trends or innovative products that will influence other retail markets and growth opportunities. Analysing customer solutions, brands delivering growth through innovation, private label strategies and the overall retail experience, we thought we would share the top 10 products that have impressed us. We have used a mixed criteria rating our top 10, with number 1 being our favourite.

Across an exciting group of branded and private label innovation, some are awesome ideas brought to life by entrepreneurs looking to inspire consumers of products not available in the UK / Australia thereby creating growth opportunities or extensions of existing product ranges, creating value through range extensions (a classic product innovation strategy).

Anihana Shower Steamer
A non-food, branded product by Anihana, seen in Target; shower steamers. Building on the health and wellness trend, these products are placed in the base of a shower and create an aromatic aroma during the shower.


Egglife Egg White Wraps
An innovative alternative to traditional wraps, these products were seen in Aldi. They create value added growth for the egg category, achieving the high protein low carb trend which is gaining traction in the market.


Kodiak Power Waffles
Power packed waffles by Kodiak seen in Meijer, combines the demand for high protein foods and innovation in the valuable breakfast/freezer category.


Alexia Loaded Cauliflower
Loaded cauliflower by Alexia seen in Amazon Fresh creates value for the cauliflower sector whilst building on the growing trend of cauliflower based dishes.


Trader Joe’s Rice Medley
Frozen Rice Medley seen in Trader Joe’s. Combines the high growth category of rice and classic flavours, creating a new subcategory within the freezer. Growing the core and expanding on a trusted product range.


Yasso Greek Yoghurt Poppables
Yasso frozen Greek yoghurt poppables seen in Woodman’s Markets. With suggestions that the freezer will become the new destination for snacking in the USA, this innovative treat starts to test that theory and category. Considering the growth, we have seen ice cream and the consumer confidence for the freezer category, this could be the start of something HUGE!


Trader Joe’s Pet Advent Calendars
Pet Advent Calendars seen in Trader Joe’s. With Pet care and accessories continuing to be a high growth area, the private label pet focused calendars, looked great and right on trend. An excellent example of driving value through a seasonal campaign.


Trader Joe’s Non-Dairy Pumpkin Oat Beverage
Pumpkin Dairy free by Trader Joe’s. With the high level of innovation in the USA market and the strong appreciation for the versatility of pumpkin, it is a natural build on the seasonal pumpkin inspired coffee available across the global coffee chains. Again, an innovative twist on the highly innovative dairy free milk category.


Wunder Eggs Plant Based Hard Boiled Eggs
Wunder Eggs Plant based ‘hard boiled eggs’ – seen in Wholefoods. Innovative and on trend, recognised for its food science application to replicate cut hard-boiled egg characteristics.


Bulletproof The High Achiever Coffee Pods
Bulletproof ground coffee – seen in Whole Foods. The range takes the high growth category of coffee to a new level bringing functionality into the ground coffee sector; this example claims enhanced performance through the addition of functional ingredients including Lion Mane.It is on trend as we see the mega trend of food with functionality and could create value across a well shopped category.



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