The European Interview With Mark Field and Sarah Blanchard Of Prof Consulting Group
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The European Interview with Mark Field and Sarah Blanchard of Prof Consulting Group

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives are now a top priority for business leaders.

Why? Brands with sustainability built into their core grow faster and perform better financially.

Our CEO and Founder, Mark Field and Head of ESG, Sarah Blanchard sat down with Juliette Foster from The European – a global publication focused on business affairs.

This video was filmed at Westminster Towers, London, and first appeared as the lead story on

“ESG will be here for the long term, we all have an opportunity to look at how we influence the planet for future generations and there is growing momentum in ESG – we can all make a difference in this area.”

– Mark Field, CEO and Founder of Prof. Consulting Group

“There is a risk that brands put ESG on the back burner, and those that do will lose out, there is momentum now and consumers want it. Brands that want to get ahead, need to address ESG in their business.”

– Sarah Blanchard, Head of ESG Prof. Consulting Group

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