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In 2020, ProChile – the Trade Commission for Chile in Australia responsible for promoting export of local products and services – approached Prof. regarding an opportunity with an exciting spirulina grower based in Chile, Solarium Biotechnolgy. They had identified a market in Australia via an important multinational food group that required the highly nutritious spirulina ingredient for their pet food range.

Despite a successful track record of exporting to several international markets, Solarium Biotechnolgy were finding it challenging to understand the Australian import policies and demonstrate compliance. Australia presented a unique set of regulations, which required interpretation by local experts to assist Solarium Biotchnolgy with obtaining their trade permit to commence supply.


Trade Commissions play an essential role in connecting local businesses looking to enter new markets with relevant manufacturers or producers. In this case, ProChile Australia was involved in supporting the business development and facilitating communication between Solarium Biotechnolgy, the Australian Government, and its client. There are many complexities with this product group, from import requirements to the need for more dedicated expertise. ProChile introduced Prof. to Solarium Biotechnolgy to support the Chilean company to comply with regulations and obtain approval of the local authority for the introduction of spirulina into the Australian market

– Paula Moreno, Trade Commissioner for ProChile, Australia.

Leveraging relationships with key stakeholders in Australia

Due to longstanding, established relationships with local trade commissions and relevant government agencies, the Prof. team quickly identified key challenges that were preventing import approval, which included Solarium Biotechnolgy meeting the stringent Australian product standards and biosecurity measures.

Prof. was then able to create an engagement strategy and work closely with key stakeholders to facilitate the negotiation between the Australian Department of Agriculture, global food manufacturer Nestle SA, ProChile, and Solarium Biotechnolgy. A highly experienced team

based in the same time zone made for an efficient and streamlined process for a complex chain of communication that involved interpreting the issues, providing clear guidance back to Solarium Biotechnolgy in Chile, and reviewing critical documentation for submission.

Exceptional local expertise gave each party a high degree of confidence. It enabled Solarium Biotechnolgy to gain swift import approval to Australian, and ultimately, supply Nestle SA with the spirulina they required to develop and launch their product range in demand by Australian consumers within the growing pet food categories.


Mark collaborated with us establishing contact with our clients in Australia, which contributed to a direct, reliable, and available communication at all times. He has helped us and helped build trust with our clients. His advice has been crucial to establish relations also with Australian government authorities and to know the exact requirements to export as well as the details of the mistakes we made at our first approach to the market. We suggest any company interested in Australia as a potential food market, first contact an expert like Mark Field

– Alberto Shamosh, GM, Solarium Biotechnolgy SA.

Take your product to Australia with Prof

Although data suggests that Australian consumers enjoy Australian grown, made, or manufactured products, international sourcing can be essential to bring viable products to the market. Prof. is obsessed with consumerled product innovation, and we believe that connecting quality raw materials or end products from anywhere in the world, with local business, is all part of the process.

If you are an international business looking to export your product to Australia, Prof. has the proven track record and expertise to assist.

  • Successfully navigating the complex regulatory procedures and
    processes to bring new products into the Australian market.
  • Industry-leading understanding of the Australian consumer, retail
    strategies, and critical product trends.
  • Proven success launching thousands of new products and brands
    to market.
  • International and local connections to deliver customer-focused
    solutions, both directly and through global partners.
  • Growth strategy implementation recognised for aligning
    innovation to market-driven customer needs.
  • Online delivery and automated picking models available through
    our preferred network.

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