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OmniAction Charter – First Working Group – Sarah Blanchard, Head of ESG

OmniAction brings experts and activists together across the globe, focused on making ethical food choices possible – for everyone.

Their Omni metrics focuses on 5 key areas:

  • Environment
  • Land Sovereignty
  • Labour Rights
  • Food Safety
  • Nutrition

Prof. Consulting Group’s Head of ESG, Sarah Blanchard is a senior leader contributing industry expertise to the OmniAction Charter of Global Food Impacts.

“We see a demand for a framework to measure brands’ total environmental and social impacts” – Sarah Blanchard

She has spent her working life examining the forces that shape our food systems through to the minute details of ecology and food science. She is a forceful advocate for learning new technologies and dissecting sustainability claims on packaged foods.

Sarah believes that businesses are uniquely placed to bring about change and that being sustainable is simply doing good business.

The OmniAction Charter of Global Food Impacts expresses multi-criteria requirements for sustainability measures.

“We welcome a recognised, open access framework that helps brands to compete fairly, by communicating transparent and credible sustainability credentials” – Sarah Blanchard

Download the full OmniAction Charter below: