Private Equity Consulting

Understanding today’s consumer accelerates returns.

If you are looking to merge, acquire, or invest in a food-related business, return on investment (ROI) is the bottom line. However, understanding key market trends, category opportunities, and meeting consumer demands are all critical to capitalising on your return. Prof. has the advantage of broad industry knowledge to help you realise potential uplift before investing and maximise profits once you invest. We tailor our approach to your business requirements and treat every investment as if it were our own.

Prof. partners closely and cooperatively with successful management teams and entrepreneurs who are looking to enter the next stage of their growth. The combination of our industry knowledge and operational expertise, working with recognised investors, offers a clear advantage in securing valuable investment opportunities.

We provide strategic guidance, related due diligence support, and potential growth opportunities based on quick-win cost reduction and innovation to accelerate performance and meet essential customer needs. Our expertise extends to traditional management buyouts, as well as minority investments or early-stage funding – we recognise the opportunities that provide growth capital.

private equity and venture capital

We'll help you think differently about:

A fresh approach to due diligence by evaluating:

  • production capabilities vs product opportunities
  • technical manufacturing standards vs major retail requirements
  • brand reputation and risk
  • commercial potential
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Identifying your key growth areas by meeting consumer needs.

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Defining and implementing brand and retailer strategies

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Post-acquisition support for business restructuring, asset utilisation, cost reductions, and supply chain efficiencies.

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Growth acceleration through product innovation, technical and operational support.

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Board-level advisory and non-executive director support.

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Private Equity & Venture Capital - FAQs

Private Equity and Venture Capital - FAQs

VC tend to invest in the earlier stages of a new business, taking higher risk for higher rewards, PE generally acquires more mature businesses to invest and accelerate growth or complimentary acquisitions to gain market share.

Both are challenging for different reasons however the food or grocery sector is becoming increasingly popular because of the high return opportunities for successful businesses and the additional benefits of strong export demand for Australian made/grown products. As the link between government funding-modernisation grant, academia / research and commercialisation becomes stronger more success would be expected.

Private equity based on full ownership of the program but also higher risk.

PE has access to global resource, consultants and cash to accelerate the growth of a business and new market access.

Public equity would relate to investment from the public sector such as the investment of pension funds as an example. Private Equity is funded privately through funds etc.

Normally supports an early stage business with capital and expertise provided the criteria is met. VC would look to exit in 3-5 years having provided access to early capital but also less capital than the later stages with PE.

High risk as businesses are in the start up phase, but where successful some v strong returns.