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Stuart is known for having a hands-on approach, having delivered major innovation and growth surrounding new products and subsequent launches. His business approach has seen him create, implement and optimise commercialisation processes for global giants and agile local FMCG businesses across the food services and retail sectors. Stuart is no stranger to improving bottom-line results, previously running cross-functional programs and workshops that identified significant savings and return on investments. His appreciation of open communication and establishing trust, works wonders in conjunction with his ability to form strong partnerships with clients.

Stuart has been able to inspire creativity and drive innovation within many tactical growth teams through having worked across multiple countries and cultures. Completing internal training and global leadership courses throughout Australia and Switzerland, means that Stuart knows how to build bold, innovative teams and cultures. He possesses the skills required to connect on a personal level with his clients in order to make their teams work more cohesively and effectively. With both an agile and long-term approach to business growth, Stuart is convinced that you need to win today whilst planning an insight-based, multi-year strategy for the future.

Food and innovation are Stuart’s POD, and you would be hard-pressed to find a food he hasn’t tried. However, he is not just a food tech, having hands-on business unit leadership experience across multiple businesses, he has honed a balanced approach when delivering cross-functionally aligned business success. Stuart’s diverse experience working in businesses across the globe has highlighted the importance of every team member’s voice being heard and appreciated.

Under Stuart’s leadership, cross-functional teams have reduced waste and cost through reformulation, contract renegotiations, factory process modifications, lean business process improvements and changes in factory and distribution logistics. Factory operational efficiency improvements of more than 5% have been delivered by identifying and implementing global best practices and have enabled delayed Capex spending by getting more from current assets.

  • NPD/R&D – concept, product and packaging development
  • Agile innovation and commercialisation
  • Process creation and optimisation
  • Star and gate processes
  • Operations performance improvements
  • Process and operations waste & cost reduction programs – lean business

“A customer-centric strategy involves ensuring clients are confidently in the driving seat of their business from the beginning to the commencement of their journey while focused on results and sustainable long term-growth.”

– Stuart Clark


International Food Consultant
International Food Consultant

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