Sustainable Packaging and Materials Specialist

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Stuart has for many years embraced the principles and guidelines of the APCO in the development of Innovative and Sustainable packaging and general business outcomes.  

Over more than a decade with his most recent employer, Stuart was responsible for promoting and implementing the necessary processes and systems to support the evolving APCO objectives. 

Stuart honed his packaging skills working for the world’s largest packaging company, and then for a large global FMCG company. During this time, he has travelled the world working on a wide array of packaging projects, picking up invaluable technical knowledge along the way. For example, he was a key member of a team that developed a commercial packaging design system that enables non-experts to develop expert packaging solutions. More recently, he led a series of projects to reduce the weight of packaging – in the order of more than one thousand tonnes per annum – to save a business millions of dollars, while delivering immeasurable environmental benefits.

When it comes to packaging innovation, Stuart applies his understanding of science and technology – initially gained by completing a degree in Applied Science in Chemistry and bolstered by his many years in the industry – to explore, test and refine new packaging approaches. He relishes the opportunity to develop sustainable packaging solutions without compromising product quality or consumer appeal, particularly given that no two packaging projects are ever the same and every product presents its own unique challenges.

In his work, Stuart draws inspiration from broader interests in renewables and the outdoors. He loves nothing more than sitting around a campfire with family and friends. It’s during times like these that he can pause and reflect upon the value he brings – not just to his clients and their businesses, but also to the environment and the world around him.

  • Specialist in structural and functional pack optimisation
  • Deep understanding of the often-complex food/packaging interactions
  • Expert in knowledge-driven full pack design (primary/secondary/transport)
  • Expert in computer modelling of pack/product/production line interactions

“I’m driven by opportunities to optimise entire product/pack systems from both economic and environmental perspectives, striking the perfect balance for clients. Plus, there’s a sense of deep satisfaction in seeing the end result of your work on retail shelves.”

– Stuart Burt


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