Social Impact Specialist
Laura Olson

Meet Laura

Laura Olson

Laura joins the Prof. Consultancy Group as an Associate, living in Seattle, and bringing over 20 years’ experience to the Prof team. Formerly with Starbucks Coffee Company as a director of Global Social Impact, she further strengthens our ESG team and client offer. An accomplished and passionate leader, driven to add value, Laura has worked with and for Fortune 100 and 500 brands in leading and executing their Social Impact priorities

Laura also brings deep experience in the not-for-profit sector driving and expanding programs focused on human rights, labour compliance and solutions for many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including hunger for which she led the development of the food donation program at Starbucks.

Laura has the ability through being an influential voice in multiple industry associations, to step into any organisation, bringing people together and getting things done. She has been an industry voice in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Business for Social Responsibility.

We are beginning to see consumers take up the cause, as they now expect companies to take a stand on social and environmental issues. “How do we think about ESG from a corporate governance perspective and a long-term corporate strategy perspective; how can it actually change our business model to be more sustainable in the long run?” ESG is getting significant attention in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Through Laura’s knowledge and experience, she can help your company answer these questions by bringing the following services and offerings:

  • Thought leadership, which is clear, focused and purposeful
  • Strategic planning for long-term goal development
  • Expertise at defining a company mission
  • Milestone mapping, execution and measurement
  • People, program and budget leadership expertise
  • Social and environmental impact marketing, communications, and reporting

Laura is driven by doing the right thing and believes that companies can “do well by doing good”.

– Laura Olson


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