Retail and Digital Specialist

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Julian has spent more than 20 years as a global buying and trading director with Aldi, Studio Retail and A S Watson, delivering significant transformative change within these groups. His ability to think outside the box and steer businesses forward not only with profitable change but reversing YOY decline is what drives this indomitable spirit to energise and inspire others to go beyond their limits of what they believe is possible

As an omni-channel operator, Julian has delivered exceptional growth in private label, international product sourcing strategies and in digital marketing. This has given him the ability to give customers an integrated and cohesive experience and drive better relationships across all possible channels. To him, it doesn’t matter what platform you use, the experience should be the same.

Julian has a natural ability to keep perspective whilst under pressure, he has a natural curiosity, is passionate, energetic, and impatient to drive change by moving companies outside of their comfort zone. With his straightforward style, Julian has an innate ability to effect change at pace, whilst never losing sight of the customer.

Not only does he bring his strategic vision and thought leadership to the table, but he also writes about it too, in the Retail Trade Press. As a thought leader, he excels in using his expertise in turning around underperforming businesses through understanding the change curve needed; organisations don’t just change, people need to transition, adapt, and change too. He believes the most successful businesses have a strong shared purpose, values, and culture.

  • An energetic, inspiring leader with a trading instinct and a strategic vision
  • Driving retail and digital growth
  • Expert at leading profitable change and transformation
  • Excellent knowledge of all retail sectors
  • Superb creativity, communication, and negotiation skills

“Joining Prof. seems a natural transition for Julian as he believes we all share the same values. Much like our CEO, Mark Field, he believes in disruption; it’s uncomfortable, but effective.”

– Julian Grindey


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