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Meet Craig, the Prof. Consulting Group’s culinary innovator. Craig’s love of food started in his grandmother’s kitchen. She, a chef herself, was Craig’s first teacher who instilled in him that food is so much more than what we see on our plates. She believes that food connects us in a way that few things do. Sharing food can be a very profound experience and Craig’s need to get connected to real food as a result of his childhood means that everything he creates is based on this principle. At the heart of everything he does is the consumer and understanding that our world is changing and with it, the consumers shopping and eating habits

Craig has travelled throughout the globe working with start-ups through to Michelin starred restaurants constantly striving to source the best ingredients, finding the latest trends and creating the latest trends too. Having trained at the world-renowned Huka Lodge in New Zealand under Peter Chandler, the first English apprentice to be trained under the Roux brothers, Craig really understands what working at pace means in the food industry. One of his proudest moments was working with Jamie Oliver and his team creating a $220M industry of ready to cook value-added products for Australia’s largest retailer.

Craig has worked in product development for a number of global customers, from creating a gluten-free flour made from cauliflower for a start-up company, to helping clients navigate the complexities of launching to market. He is both passionate about great food and a keen advocate in bringing peoples dreams to life.

Craig believes staying up to date with the latest food trends is crucial and not just by reading about the latest trends. His global network of like-minded friends see him regularly swapping industry news around the world. A self-confessed globe trotter, part of his travels are about understanding how science and technology are disrupting the food industry and has seen robotic chefs in kitchens to companies that can analyse your gut health, which Craig believes will be the next big step. His big question is “How can food retailers and manufacturers tap into this new market?” What we know about Craig, is that he is a man on a mission determined to change the face of food.

  • Product development
  • Commercially viable outcomes from complex products
  • Expert in understanding fads and how to avoid them
  • Understanding that successful brand positioning with the customer-centric marketing approach is at the forefront of any transformation

“Science, technology and the environment will be the main driving force behind the food industry over the coming five to ten years. Agility will be the key if we are to keep up.”

– Craig Goodare


International Food Consultant
International Food Consultant

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